The Foot - Body Part Massage Routines

The Foot - Body Part Massage Routine Series...

Prevent chronic and acute foot pathologies with vibration therapy treatments, including injuries like plantar fasciitis, bunions, and Achilles’ tendon tears. Keep reading for more information:

Start by massaging the area around the achilles’ tendon by moving the massager in a 180 degree motion around the back of the leg all the way down the the heel of the foot. Move onto the heel covering the entire surface. Onto the middle of the foot, usually the most sensitive part of the foot. Spend more time working on the tightest areas until the knots are released. Move your percussion therapy device to the forefoot moving across the base of every digit, you can even move under the bottom of each toe. Finally do a brief sweep over each and every inch of the foot taking an account of any kind of pain or something that feels out of place, giving that area extra attention with your vibration therapy device or even using your hands to apply manual therapy.