When to use percussion therapy?

A question that we get asked a lot is when is the best time to use percussion therapy devices (jigsaw massage products, use code “JIGSAW for 30% off). Although there is still quite a bit of research to be done on the topic. Many athletes claim they like to use it first thing in the morning after waking. Science tells us that this is a very important time of the day to get started moving as it sets up our biological clock for the day, and many people know from experience when the first part of the day is productive the rest of the day goes much better, with improved mood and decreased anxiety.

We recommend that you DO NOT use percussion therapy devices immediately following a workout as it can disrupt the bodies natural healing processes such as lactic acid buildup and clearing. However when the bodies natural healing processes have slowed down anywhere from 12-48 hours depending on the individual percussion therapy devices can promote healing by increasing blood flow in the targeted area.

Athletes can also use percussion therapy devices pre workout to help activate and warm up the muscles they are about to use. This type of treatment should be brief and light, this is the type of treatment our best athletes prefer and have found to be most effective before a training session.